Freedom Fish

Freedom Fish are a WIDE body bait that is a full inch in diameter and width.    They are 8.5 inches in length and feature our custom SPJ collar design that holds plastic.     These bait mimic all forage species like bunker, mullet, herring, mackerel, shad, ETC.     



1/2 & 3/4 oz. 7/0 Mustad

1-1.5-2 oz.  8/0 Mustad

3-4-5 oz.  9/0 Mustad


Canal fishing there are a few ways to present:  1.  My preferred method especially in the morning when surrounded by anglers tossing Canal Swimmers is to cast a 2-3 OZ well past everyone else and burn that lure in.   The strikes are serious, so hold on.   This method resembles a lone mackerel broken away from the school, fleeing for safety in the shoreline.      (if you can't beat'em  join'em and out-fish your neighbors).  #2  Cast a 3-4 oz Freedom Fish and let the current do all the work for you while reeling slowly.   This method presents the bait in a manor in which it looks like a mackerel casually swimming without a care in the world.   This is true until the bass underneath decides to eat and puts you to work.  (work is a good thing here  :)).  The 3rd method is the deep jig where a 4-5 oz freedom fish is needed in most cases.   This is when the angler casts up current keeping tension on the line just enough, so you can feel the lure hit bottom.   I usually let an extra 6-10 seconds of line out creating a bow in the line to present this bait in a "swimming with the current presentation" and then start popping the lure when you feel it hit the bottom.   


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