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Was fishing  Swarters this weekend and killed it on a chicken scratch. Buddies were fishing SP Minnows and I can honestly say the Joebaggs Swarters out performed the SP in calm bay conditions and it work like a charm.   - Matt S. 

I have been fishing JoeBaggs bucktails for 3 years. After 48 years chasing Stripers I can honestly say they are the best bucktails you can buy. I have several fish over 30# on them from the Canal and 2 over 40# from my boat in Narr Bay. Joe's bucktails have great action, super strong hooks and are of the highest quality you can buy. - Paul I. 

 Patriot lure got the job done once the worms ran out. I need to use this earlier in my game. - Thomas H. 

JoeBaggs bucktails are the real deal! Over the last few years I've caught too many fish to count on them,.. and they are simply the best! This year especially, the stripers are showing a strong preference for them and some days I am catching fish in the midst of boaters that are striking out with live bunker and eels! One key that I have found is to vary the size of the trailer until you find what works because one day they will not touch anything larger than a 3" gulp mullet,...and the next day (literally) they will be all over the same jig trailing an 8" piece of soft plastic!   - Mark K. 

Joe baggs soft plastic jigs are reel deal! You can fish with confidence as these very sturdy and strong jig heads that plus will hold your plastics like no other. The best around !   -Bobby N

Great jigs and bucktails! The stuff is just great to the colors and patterns to the attention to detail on jig heads! Great stuff you won't be disappointed!     -Chad M

Best jigs in the game. Strongest hooks around. No complaints n great customer service. Highly recommend joebaggs.    -David L 
Excellent jigs in all weight sizes. Nice strong hooks and well tied fur. The heavier weighted jigs come thru the water easy which means you can fish longer on those all night jig-a-thons.  -Greg M

Best bucktails and jigs on the market. Add a dead eel, to one of the many sizes of jigs available, given your fishing condition and you will not need anything else in your bag.  -Jacob O

 Joe Bags Bucktails and spj's are top notch. They are definitely the highest quality Bucktails I have fished or come by. I Have yet to straighten one out and still have some that have survived the past 5 years and are still holding all their hair. If you haven't fished them DO IT and believe me you'll never want to fish any other bucktail or soft plastic Jighead other than JBB again.  -Mike B
 These jigs are unbelievable. Strong and hold the jigs extremely well. Have not had 1 malfunction and in the last 2 years I have had my personal best bass along with numerous bass in the high 20's and low to mid 30's... These jigs come Highly recommended.   -Louis C

Easily the best jigs on the market. The bucktails are tied great and hold up to all conditions. The soft plastic jigs have become a staple in my arsenal and I simply cannot leave home without a few. For years I could not find a 1/2oz or 3/4oz jig with a large enough hook for big plastics until a few years ago when I started using these. No other jig head compares to the JB SPJ and is simply a "must have" for striped bass fishing.   -Sam S

JoeBaggs Bucktails are easily the best jigs available on the market today. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and seeing several other companies come out and copy these jigs shows just how good they are. From the excellently-tied hair to the heavy duty hooks, I have had zero complaints since switching to these jigs several years ago. You simply will not find another jig in my surf bag!     -Toby L
Have been a loyalist since 2012, converting Joes jig head into my favorite killer color combo Simply Irresistible. This jig has saved many trips and is my go to when I'm out in the surf and backbays. The soft plastic jig head is great for early season big fish with the oversized hook and collar which holds plastics and eels secure. Keep up the good work Joe. No disappointment here.  - Jay B

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