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These slow dropping resin jigs are designed to have a thick protective finish, so that the paint of the jig doesn't wear off.   These jigs drop at a much slower rate  than traditional flat fall jigs.  The best part is how they swim when speed jigging them for Yellow Fin Tuna, seabass, stripers, grouper, amber jacks, bluefin tuna, ETC.   Our Slow drop jigs in 3-4-6OZ come with a double assist 5/0 tuna grade hooks with 200lb rated rope. The 2oz come with a single assist with a 2/0 hook

 If you are invited on a boat trip,  these are the perfect jigs to bring to show style, class, and knowledge.    They make the perfect leave behind gifts for those that took you fishing. 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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